Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Snowden was a mountain in Wales!

Topping my list of political dislikes by some margin, is a "stupid" Republican party. You know, the one that rejects established science on evolution, demonizes gay marriage, denies anthropogenic climate change, refuses to countenance sensible gun control and laid siege to the liberties enshrined in the constitution regarding a free press and freedom from interference by government through setting up the vast and illegal surveillance machine now adopted wholeheartedly by Obama.

However, coming second on my list of political dislikes is arrogant Democrats and liberals. You know, the ones who wanted to prosecute Bush II for his war crimes and illegal surveillance post-9/11, but who now jump to the defense of the Obama regime for extending these unlawful powers further than any previous administration. Never has expediency triumphed so emphatically over principle.

Obama isn't just a huge disappointment, he's a disaster. Let's be really clear, if the actions of the current US government towards its own people had been carried out by the former Soviet Union or China there would have been an international outrage and calls for sanctions at the UN. It is evidence of how low democracy has sunk that the US surveillance state is now synonymous with the worst excesses of the Stasi. And the irony of the situation is hiding in plain view - a whistle-blower (Snowden) is being accused by the US government of espionage for disclosing to the world the secret spying of the US government on its own people!!! It's the equivalent of a serial burglar calling the police to complain of being robbed.

It's a problem when the nutcase, lunatic Republicans agree so vehemently with Democrats on an issue where they are both dead wrong. No security is worth this level of intrusion. Given the miniscule threat to life of terrorist activity (compared to, say, accidental gun deaths), there is no justification to the scale of surveillance that poses such a fundamental threat to privacy and democracy.

Whatever legacy Obama sought to lay claim, he has miserably failed his most important test. I had hoped for more but am disgusted.

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