Saturday, April 6, 2013

Brainard Lake

There was a 20 degree difference between home and the Red Rocks trail on the Brainard Lake approach road. Driving through Ward this morning the 74 degree temperature we enjoyed yesterday was long forgotten as we wound our way through this sorry collection of homes dusted in a fresh fall of snow. On the Brainard road we had snow and thick ice and it was tricky remaining upright in the parking lot as I leashed Otto and Livvy and headed off to the lake.

Hard-packed snow on the approach road
The road was perfectly walkable, although the drifts were between 10 and 20 feet deep in places. This wasn't a problem because the snow was hard packed and we were able to trot across the surface without breaking through. Usually it is very windy up at this altitude at this time of year but today there were just intermittent gusts. This was another rehab walk on the long road to recovery.

A view across the lake to Mount Audubon
Two GOP North Carolina legislators seem to have failed this week in their bid to pass legislation to establish a State religion. Apparently they don't think that the US Constitution, federal law and decisions by the Supreme Court apply to North Carolina. Their proposal, such as it is, would lead to the establishment of the Christian religion as the only legal religion in the state. North Carolina already has legislation that prohibits unbelievers from public office (essentially unenforceable since 1961). I always find it fascinating that diehard advocates of the 2nd amendment have no compunctions about abrogating the 1st amendment.
Mount Audubon
However, the almost weekly examples of jaw-dropping stupidity that flows from local GOP representatives pales to insignificance against this little beauty from my old friend Pat Robertson. On his TV show he was asked why miracles seem to happen with regularity in Africa, but don't happen in the US? You really have to watch this to fully understand cognitive dissonance and outright lying...all in the name of Jesus.
Livvy enjoying the cold
With the GOP and Pat Robertson you have to wonder why there is ever any need for Comedy Central.
I have my next bout of treatment for tendonitis on Monday. It's going to be another pain trip, but I am looking forward to getting back on the trails again and doing some serious running.

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